Marbled Velvet Gecko - Central Australia

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This little fella (5-6 inches), a Marbled Velvet Gecko (Oedura marmorata) was found
just outside Alice Springs on Bond Springs land. He/she (unsure) was under the lid of some
equipment I maintain as part of my job. I gently scooped him up, and took him home
to photograph.

Once I completed photographing him, I returned him back out bush. He never gave me a
moment's trouble, although he did his best to run away from my lights used for photographing
him. Absolutely beautiful animal with amazing black eyes. It was fun watching him lick his
eyeballs with his tongue, walk right up our kitchen wall, and leap from one spot to another.

On all 3 pages, thumbnails lead to larger photos, the photos are large (>=100kb) but I hope
you think they are worth the wait.

Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2257.jpg
Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2258.jpg
Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2261.jpg
Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2265.jpg
Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2272.jpg
Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2277.jpg
Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2285.jpg
Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2288.jpg
Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2293.jpg
Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2304.jpg
Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2315.jpg
Marbled Velvet Gecko.october-2003-images.zacharoo.comDscn2318.jpg

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